Monday, April 20, 2009

Susan Boyle, It's All Wrong

I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon over Susan Boyle, but I'm not interested in talking about how I teared up when I heard her sing, or whether or not she's real or a hoax perpertrated on the world of YouTube. My concern is the cruelty that was extended to her, the sneers, the guffaws that were seen before she started to sing. The Guardian was quoted as saying that just becasue she's ugly, we shouldn't have assumed she couldn't sing, after all we don't hold ugly men to the same standards.

My problem is where do we all get off saying she's ugly, that she needs a makeover before we can applaud her. Even now people are betting on how long before she plucks the eybrows, is lasered, botoxed, cinched in, re-dressed according to our fashion trends. We're all patting ourselves on our backs because we were generous enough to allow this woman to enter our hallowed halls of beauty, even though we're hoping she changes fast enough so we don't have to deal with the chubby figure and over forty (heavens, it's closer to fifty) person of the female gender. Once she does, she becomes just another YouTube clip and we can return to our smug little lives.

Don't do it Susan. And keep those judges away from giving you your first kiss, as if they were handing out food to the hungry at a food pantry.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday by the sea

I'm not quite a Pisces, I'm right on the cusp of Aires, but the ocean (actually any moving body of water) is like a meditation to me. Never learned to swim well, become panicked if my feet don't touch the bottom, but put me next to the surf or overlooking a fast-moving river and I can find my bliss. Given the opportunity and I totally zone out and go catatonic. Even knowing its limits, the ocean gives me the sense of infinity, which even the star-lit heavens can't.

So it's natural to want to see the ocean on or around my birthday (March 22 in case anybody actually reads this). This year it was Santa Barbara over Malibu and to say my spirits were lifted is a major understatement. The sound of gulls, the lap of waves, the deep green-blue color, the soft grey-blue sky, it's why we all came out to California and stay,- despite the traffic, the smog, the drivers who are bent on trying to occupy our lane even while we are still in the lane,- we're here and we're still standing.

Of coure I'm the person who when I lived in NYC, would go to sit overlooking the East River and watch the Pearlwick Hamper sign blink on and off, and think that combo was meditative. I told you I'm a sucker for any body of water that moves, but it does have to be bigger than my bathtub.

Go watch a wave, it's good for you!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Enjoy your freedom

It's been an eon since I last posted and since then we've had an ecconomic meltdown, the world is obsessed with Twitter and texting, friends have lost their jobs, I'm financially down and yet this morning I am smiling and feeling good. Am I crazy? Maybe. But at times like these, the mere fact that I am breathing, walking, lifting weights (I'm aiming for Michelle Obama arms, forget Madonna)and able to look forward to the future.

Passover is almost upon us and for those who are not Jewish (and even some who are), the story is of getting freedom, leaving behind in Egypt (everyone has their own particular Egypt) all the things that drag us down into the rut of slavery. Believe me, slavery of the mind and spirit can seen easy and we stay there because it doesn't require any thinking on our part, we just have to exist instead of live. Well, even though I'm down in the $$$ dept., I'm still eating and paying the mortgage. (yes, it's way down, but not quite finished) Gratitude is my freedom for this year. The more I appreciate, the better I'll feel.

It's spring, dammit. Get out and enjoy it!